The Unedited Self: Spontaneity and the Souls of Boys and Young Men

Leader: Robert C. Dykstra
ELECTIVE A:Tuesday 4/24; 4:15–5:45 PM 
ELECTIVE C: Thursday 4/26; 11:30- 1:00 PM

This elective explores cultural trends and intrapsychic struggles that join to bolster vigilant self-screening or self-editing at the expense of spontaneous self-expression among contemporary American boys and young men. The Internet and extensive use of social media contribute to the crafting of highly edited but interpersonally awkward renderings of the masculine self. As societal factors narrow the range of face-to-face opportunities for boys and young men to experience pleasure in looking and in conversing, abundant empirical evidence confirms that archaic psychological desires tosee and to be seen, to know and to be known, have not been extinguished. By way of constructive response, youth workers will be shown how to assist boys and young men in seeking out the unmanifest in self, other, and God.

Offered with support from The George A. Pera Seminar fund.