Selfies, Self-Image, and the Imago Dei

Leader: Annie Lockhart-Gillroy
ELECTIVE A:Tuesday 4/24; 4:15–5:45 PM 

ELECTIVE B: Wednesday 4/25; 1:30- 3:00 PM 

Communities are an integral part of youth development. They shape personality and self-image at a time when youth are trying to discover who they are. In this world of social media, the communities that shape young people are larger than ever.  Social media is a powerful ever-present community that we often carry with us on our person – everywhere, all the time. With that knowledge, this elective will explore what that means for youth ministry today. In what ways does social media shape our youth? What impact does social media have on self-image?  In what ways does social media affect the way we see ourselves and how does this enhance or distort our self-image? In what ways is the community of social media reshaping maturity and development? How do these reflections we choose of ourselves shape how we reflect the Imago Dei? This elective will not condemn nor laud social media. Instead, it will recognize that social media is changing what it means to be community and is therefore changing the way young people are developed and shaped.  It will then explore theological responses to selfie culture, its impact on self-image, and the desire to base one’s self image on the Imago Dei.