Imaging God: Art and Artmaking for Youth Ministry

Leader: Katie Douglass
Wednesday 4/25, 9:45–11:00 AM
Thursday 4/26, 9:45–11:00 AM
Friday 4/27, 10:15–11:30 AM

This seminar will equip leaders with tools to use art, and art making, to build interpersonal connections within their ministries, invite youth to express their faith (and doubt), and challenge youth to open up to seeing God’s image in people who are of a different gender, race, class, or ability in new ways. Theologically, we will consider the difference between seeing each person as valuable because of the reality that they bear the image of God and bearing the image of Christ. We will use our new ways of seeing, informed by Scripture, to consider how we move youth toward living lives marked by the image of Christ, which will shift their perspective from simply valuing those who are different to being “with and for” them.