Good News Needs a Voice

Leader: Nancy Lammers-Gross
Wednesday 4/25, 9:45–11:00 AM
Thursday 4/26, 9:45–11:00 AM
Friday 4/27, 10:15–11:30 AM

In an age when young people communicate mostly with thumbs through text and tweet, what does the good news of Jesus Christ sound like? Does the gospel still sound? Does the gospel need a voice? In this seminar we will explore the role and use of the human voice –  the literal, physical, speaking voice – in Christian life and ministry. Participants will be equipped: to use their voices in public ministry contexts such as worship and speaking to large groups; in more private contexts of ministry such as counseling and small group work; and how to equip their youth to use their voices as well as their thumbs to articulate their faith, tell their stories, and live out their Christian vocation.

Offered with support from The William Wise Seminar fund.