Created in the Image(s) of God? Media and the Future of the Bible in Youth Ministry

Leader: J.P. O’Connor
Wednesday 4/25, 9:45–11:00 AM
Thursday 4/26, 9:45–11:00 AM
Friday 4/27, 10:15–11:30 AM

Our cultural climate is inundated with screens. Technology has clear advantages and plays an active role in youth ministry. And yet, recent studies show that screens and their enthralling glow are having a profoundly negative effect on the iGen and their successors, including an increase in loneliness, depression, and in some cases, suicide. Research also indicates that reading comprehension among incoming college students and teenage students is declining. Are the two connected? In an age of media, do books have a future? Or have we swapped books for multi-media? The following course explores the relationship between the Bible and screens, arguing that the art of hearing, reading, and telling stories is a formative act for God’s people. As storied creatures, staying connected to our place in God’s grand narrative shapes our body, mind, and soul. Join us to discuss how we might adapt to technology and uplift the practice of storytelling at the same time.

Offered with support from the Robert M. Skinner Seminar fund.